AutoProtect Services

We offer a range of AutoProtect services designed to give reassurance to our customers.

AutoProtect is our preferred supplier when it comes to insurance. Whether you want peace-of-mind knowing that if your vehicle is written off, there will be no amount left to pay on your contract, or whether you are worried about your vehicle being scratched of scuffed, AutoProtect can provide the cover you need so that you can relax. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us.

AutoProtect Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Even a seemingly reliable vehicle can let you down when you least expect it, often coming with a costly repair bill. Cover from AutoProtect will pay towards the cost of a repair or replacement (parts and labour) should a component fail (subject to exlcusions). 

AutoProtect Asset Protection

In the event that your car is written off (declared a 'total loss') due to an accident, fire or theft, AutoProtect GAP insurance will offer financial support so that you are not left out-of-pocket or do not face any large charges.  

AutoProtect SMART Protect

SMART Protect insurance is designed to provide financial assistance when fixing accidental cosmetic damage on a vehicle. From small chips to a large dent, most damage can be fixed at no extra cost to you.